mercredi 3 septembre 2008

Cordless Drill

Cordless drills-Screwing

Market Review

These autonomous vehicles with food, combining power, ease of use and quick-charging batteries have been highly appreciated by both professionals and amateurs-masters. We tested and you represent 11 most common models 12V drills-screwdriver.

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The ease and convenience in handling drills done cordless - Screwing multifunctional tools. They can quickly adapt to such a fine work, such as polishing of different surfaces.

In recent years, the market appeared portable electric tools with built-charging batteries. They are preferred because of the ease of use and relatively low prices. Technological advances in this area typically associated with advances in the production of batteries.

Power majority of portable electric tools depends on the voltage and amperage. And despite the fact that there are now tools with powerful batteries at 14.4 V, the advantage remains with the dvenadtsativoltovymi in which best combines power, autonomy, weight and convenience. Reducing time charging the battery - is also important factor. All models are equipped with our review chargers, charging for 1 hour. And some models are completed by the second set of batteries, allowing no idle during the work.

All machines are sold complete with chargers, "1 hour, but some manufacturers offer devices that allow for recharging batteries to spend 8-15 minutes.

Typical differences

The first determining factor when selecting drills-screwdriver can serve their shape and location of handles.

Classic models have "pistol" at the rear handle. For them comfortable enough to stay with zavertyvanii drilling or screws. But the situation does not ring finger too well and therefore, to retain Drill in position, it must exert some force.

Handle located at the center of gravity machines, much more convenient. They almost never tires and precision work is much higher. The horizontal position for such drills most naturally. Special mention should be Drill FESTO, received a silver medal for the best design at the exhibition BATIMAT-95. Here, the battery is located separately from the grip that provides a good balance and cumbersome, there is almost no battery.

To carry out heavy work in which Drill need to keep both hands, now under development model with a more targeted at the center of gravity handle. Battery is located, so that remained exactly the distance for the width of the palm of your hand. The surface of the grip for greater convenience elastomer covered or made rougher.

Drilling solid wood requires great speed drills and heavy pressure. Also necessary to keep strong tool, which can take up his front of second-hand.

Drills-Screwing in disassembled form

The choice in favor of ease of use determines the location of the engine, boxes of speeds, the mechanism for adjusting torque and shock motion drills - drills functions, if any. The location of these units one after another, the total for all represented here classical models, avoids loss of energy and facilitates the process of replacing any parts. The device FESTO more complex, owing to the use of new technological developments.

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Block engine, box speeds and a mechanism that regulates torque rotation drills or screwdriver, usually combined in a block section, which avoids distortion. Some models, such as, DEWALT, include the possibility of replacing coal electric motor brushes drills. Regulation of torque at most drills performed ring-screwdriver-switch. Torque and speed drill and screws have two mechanical speed, calculated on different materials.

Electronic regulator smoothly alters the speed of Bullet for accuracy in drilling. Inertia brake engine saves time: 15 minutes, you can back about 150 screws.

Automatic Cartridge, consists largely of two turns in different sides of the rings, providing caught drills or screwdriver. The mansion stands BOSCH, created for speed and convenience of fastening one fixing ring.

Maximum torque as a tool in screwing, and when drilling holes achieved when adjusting ring found in the most extreme situation.

Nickel-cadmium batteries are calculated at different amperage, depending on the power machine. Cartridges with automatic blocking drills axis very effective and easy to use: for example, in models BOSCH can dispense with one hand.

Removing and installing the battery into place - often turns out the operation. Therefore, the battery must have a form which is easy to put on her seat reserved.

Concrete Drilling

Some of these models (MAKITA, METABO I ELU) are indisputable advantage over other - a system of drills. This feature significantly expands their scope. To drill into concrete, do not forget to switch Drill at low speed.

Test results are

This test was conducted without prior drilling screw with a fairly large (6 × 80 mm) and very old and solid oak beam. Each model was wrapped five screws in different places. This allowed to set the average output of each machine (on depth screw back). Results:

* MAKITA - 71 mm;
* ELU - 55 mm;
* FESTO - 53 mm;
* RYOBI - 47 mm;
* DEWALT and METABO - 44 mm;
* BLACK & DECKER - 42 mm;
* AEG - 39 mm;
* BOSCH - 38 mm;
* PEUGEOT - 26 mm;
* SKIL - 13 mm.

Summary of technical specifications provided by wireless models drills-screwdriver.


The existing market-Screwing drills are divided into two categories: one related to professional and you can buy them in specialized stores, while others are considered amateur and sold in stores business.

Professional. Model MAKITA, the most powerful of the titles in our review, but too expensive. Ergonomic FESTO quickly charged with battery pack, more than meets the ratio of all "quality-price." ELU - a complicated and very powerful machine. A model DEWALT has superprofessionalny patron that enables even the most complex work.

Amateur. Quality BLACK & DECKER powerful and somewhat cumbersome BOSCH quite match their price. High RYOBI, multipurpose METABO, as well as AEG attract quality assembly. PEUGEOT distinguishes some cumbersome and lack of power. Also very low model SKIL.