dimanche 19 octobre 2008

Boat Review

Test-drive of skiff boats «ALITA»

Taken from skiff boat reviews.

Presumably, each at least once in life had to feel «deja vu»: like I have been here, seen something similar - only now when, where, under what circumstances? If the occupation forces frequently change from one boat to another, is faced with this phenomenon almost constantly. For example, the cabin «Scandinavians» regardless of its brand and size, I certainly instantly Target even blindfolded. As much time talking about such a popular class of 6-7yard trailer?

But this time it is the feeling was not an example of stronger than before. Where, one wonders, ever seen such a characteristic recess at the gunwale? At «Quicksilver»?


I think, well remember such a formula, as many DIY often taken as the basis of proven projects. People «Alita» is not particularly secret, that resorted to a number of such compilations.

Yes, in terms of layout, we really took advantage of some solutions, borrowed from such boats, as «Cortina», «Quicksilver», «Lider» and «Galia», the more so as there was sufficient experience of their operation - said a company representative. - Say, like the very simple and spacious cockpit for «Quicksilver», which we accepted as a basis. Successful design of the sliding doors bent podsmotreli from «Lider» and «Galia», the latter also borrowed seizure-step on the gunwale. The most successful development of recent years are reflected in the bottomed hull. It required a compromise, because the boat with us, as listed Polish, did «budget», and we are aware that someone is «to start» could put the motor output of 60 hp and then change it to much more powerful - 115-150 hp Therefore, we «standard» for submarines of this class (19 ° to the transom), but in the rear part has a wide flat area. Developed bilge designed to smooth «hump resistance» withdrawal boats to aquaplaning, reduce soaked surface of the enclosure on the fly and «save» Engine power. Choosing the best edges corps and hydrodynamic testing of scale models implemented with the participation of specialists TsAGI. The body is made using a contact forming of polyester fiberglass, the most loaded parts of the hull and decks are designed to fill the sandwich polikor from Mata and further reinforcing glass fiber fabrics and steklorogozhey. The thickness of the shell in the area keel up to 40 mm - on the material we do not save, here and a little overweight. In the course of preparing the snap widely used three-dimensional modeling of individual elements of design and interior design.

The origin of design - the thing is, of course, interesting, but not always fit into the test report. Test Skiff Boat, as well as end-users on whose behalf they serve, first and foremost concerned with the end result rather than its prehistory. .

To judge the quality of stekloplastik shells on their appearance - holding virtually worthless. I can only say that at least a matrix of which were taken out hull and deck section, rather neatly. But the glazing certainly cause issues with a buyer - outboard cabin window albeit a thin, but noticeable black mourning border Paints, a border windscreen (its own manufacturing, particularly proud of the company!), Sage, varied and up to «Company» like «Taylor Made », as the imported analogs, while not enough. Looking from the cabin in the opening of cockpit, which can be used as a trunk or in the overnight stay (in manners yacht «grobika»), for plastic section, I found some plywood parts are not coated with varnish.


By linking «Alita» too, is a compromise - somewhere between «cuddy cabin» and full «kayut». The first, usually with a «sport» focus, more like an open boat, where close kayut hide under the bow deck, the second is better habitability, but not so fast and sudden maneuvers does not like -- increase the height of the superstructure entails not only increase drag, but also raise the center of gravity, and the relatively compact boat beginning to have an impact even such trifles as the height of the driver's and passenger seats.

At «Alita» skiff boat cabin on a lot is not - nor in the one nor the other way. Above she seems to be quite a bit (this is even more visually conceal due to high gunwale cockpit), but high ceilings and well enough to have a sit - 1.5 m of payola. Tiny room, here you can get even sixfold. It is the height of driving right and left passenger seat - almost like in the open «runabout». It is «almost» - tall man did not test any inconvenience, but I personally, with an increase in 173 cm felt preschoolers, which the pioneer morning sit on the «adult» chair - a bit lacked the legs to the floor. In general, and on the right and left would like to see at least some steps. There is another claim to the ergonomics of the administration: in the management of standing wheel impinges on the stomach, and seat - in the legs. Drop arm chair with a pillow down, probably in the «budget» boat is not quite appropriate, but with «skids» Motor type permitting, if necessary, quickly push it back - the fact. By the way, and inexpensive to go (after the representatives of «AlexMarine» reported that a relatively small release of «fit» boat under a specific customer - is not a problem).

Moreover, no carpets, expensive wood and other items of luxury yacht there and pomine that correctly. But there is an opportunity to turn the stern sofa in «solarium». It is a pity only that his back is not used - was not on the Law of the Sea wasteful. There are large trunks, and wall bags, there is a hold - the truth, keep it to better things in waterproof bags, because the test a small fraction of water, inaccessible bilge Pompeii, is still detectable. Immediately turned the attention plan notches and really have a convenient thing - this is not the only step to facilitate access to land, but additional seats (sumo wrestlers, please do not worry!). Battery boxes

Airborne fairway is narrow, but to walk on board, you can safely - thanks bottomed developed bilge splashstoppers static stability at altitude, but on the bow deck helps albeit low, but solid reeling. Very well located neck of gas tank (embarrassed merely the proximity of soft pillows), and its volume - 180 liters - will satisfy the owners and most powerful motors.

Not particularly pleased with tiny sportive wheel the mechanical drive steering, installed, right on the customer's request - to turn it tough, especially in light of alternating parasitic efforts caused by the angle of take off engine. However, all has been habitually and standard - the maximum speed was reached just in the setting of the trimmer, where the boat stopped «lie on the handlebars».

Sound comfort was quite acceptable, except for one unfortunate moment, when approximately at 2500 rpm because of the resonance noise windscreen.

Water «Aelita» conducted themselves well, respectively, their class, does not purport to be excesses, and universal purpose. Its smooth and predictable certainly and newcomers, only begun to absorb water and motor wisdom, and more experienced people who prefer «adrenaline» superelevation albeit quite fast, but generally quiet «Travel Weekend» (compromise edges save fuel and engine lifetime - the minimum speed aquaplaning was just less than 30 km / h at 3500 rpm). Such trips, by the way, you can successfully combine with the same fishing - a spacious cockpit boats will satisfy not only the classic spinning fishermans, but continue to grow the army adherents trollinga (arc for «glasses» installed options).

The only on the «treacherous» waters, promising a wave, will be more careful - the edges as any compromise allowing boat weight per ton to maintain the regime aquaplaning at fairly moderate power, there will be quite extensive.


Clean, modestly, universally. As the saying goes, «and feast, and in the world, and good people» - sort of ageless jeans in which you can walk in the forest, and the guests go.

Not a bad «launching pad» in a situation where a small open boat is not satisfied, but «invested» a truly great piece of plate from eight meters in length while that for any reasons (financial, consumer, etc.) do not want.

(load - 4 people. plus 60 liters of fuel PM - four «Johnson 115», GV - aluminum three-inch diameter 14 and step 21 inches, wind speed - 8-12 m / s, wave height - 0.1-0.2 m pace . The air - 10 ° C, rpm speed, knots (km / h)
800 2.6 (4.8)
1000 3.5 (6.4)
1500 4.8 (8.8)
2000 6.1 (11.3)
2500 6.8 (12.6)
3000 8.1 (15.0)
3500 15.5 (28.6)
4000 20.6 (38.2)
4500 24.2 (44.8)
5000 27.5 (50.9)
5500 31.6 (58.4)
5800 31.0 (57.4) *
* With a maximum on the boundary of trim disrupt the GV