dimanche 14 décembre 2008

Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

So far I am the one who is cleaning the house. This is not kind of activity I like to do, so almost immediately I came to the conclusion that a new washing vacuum cleaner is needed, but googled the topic, I realized - this is a headache. But I have heard about robotic vacuum cleaners, to describe - it was exactly the thing. Not long thought the apartment had been prescribed a new tenant - iRobot Roomba 560.

All in the tale - set a timetable for the robot, on which days and hours of harvest, is quiet and return to a clean apartment:) This robot himself parked to the base for charging batteries.

iRobot Roomba 560
The first and most important impression after using this device - it really cleans, it is not just a toy, a cleaner-hardworker. Dust, hair and small dirt - anything that you will not find on the floor, where traveled Roomba. I even tested it, put some rice in the room for a handful of rice - taint everything brought together until the last seed.

The second interesting point - as a robot selects the algorithm of its movements and extricate oneself from difficult situations. Indeed strikes - wherever he can physically get through, he will (I am too lazy to clean under the sofa), but he still manages to get into the narrow and hard ground. He gets around the furniture. And he is even able to determine the location of dirt and process them more carefully. Included with my model went further 2 virtual wall to split the apartment into separate zones.

So far found only one drawback - once the robot to clean the entire apartment, you need to clean up the robot. But it is still a lot faster than vacuum the whole apartment.

So I can recommend that to lazy people. And if your Roomba will be bored, he can get a girlfriend - Scooba - robot vacuum cleaner for wet cleaning.

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