mardi 19 août 2008

Canadian Coin

The Royal Mint of Canada on Thursday issued a gold coin weighing 100 kg and the nominal value of 1 million Canadian dollars ($ 904.03 thousand).
For the first time in world practice, it is made of pure gold, 99999 samples. On the obverse, as on all Canadian coins, placed an image of Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain work known Canadian sculptor Susanna Blunt (Susanna Blunt), while the reverse - an image with the three branches of maple leaves work senior Mint engraver Stena Witt (Stan Witten). Coin is called "Golden Maple leaf."

So far, the largest gold coin was considered to be published in 2004 in Austria a circulation of 15 pieces coin "Big Phil" - a gold coin, weighing 31 kg nominal value of 100 thousand euros, so named in honor of the Vienna Philharmonic.

Here you can find how
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Along with "The gold maple leaf", weighing 100 kg (3215 troy ounces), the Canadian Mint produces gold coin "Maple Leaf", weighing a troy ounce, and having a nominal 200 Canadian dollars. Coin is made of metal the same high sample.

With the help of new coins Government is going to return the Canadian leader, who in recent years have been lost due to stiff competition from mints from Austria, Australia, the USA and China.

After the 1979 gold coin "Maple leaf" surpassed by the popularity of the South African coin, but now large share of the market gold coins seized the Chinese "Pandas" (coins with the image of pandas (sometimes with young) on the obverse and reverse at the Temple of Heaven, weighing between 1 / 20 to one troy ounce), Australian pieces (gold coins, kangaroos, australian parrots, weighing between 1 / 20 ounce to one ounce, the nominal value of 5 to 100 Australian dollars) and American "buffalo" (a nominal value of a coin $ 50, weighing 1 ounce, depicting bison).

The new 100 - kg "Golden Maple leaf" would be used primarily for promotional purposes within Canada and abroad for activities relating to the sale of rare metals.

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