dimanche 17 août 2008


Surfing - is skating in the wake of the application of technical means: surfboards different format or short flippers and special gloves (body surfing).

There are surfing on long boards, short boards, tow-in surfing (boards fitted with loops for legs and so small that for their withdrawal at sliding with waves used for towing, for example, water bikes) , Bugibording (surfing in the situation lying at the brief mild blackboard), body surfing (as used by the body surface sliding surfer, short flippers on the legs and a special glove on the hand, giving the opportunity to raise its head.


Windsurfing - water kind of entertainment and sports, using special equipment in the form of small size light boards of the floating material. Classified driven sail, connected by a flexible hinge. This shell also known as windsurfing, or "sailing board".

Windsurfing can be seen as a hybrid of sailing and surfing itself. In a simplified sense, board sailing yacht similar to a small but important distinction: management is not driving, but by tilting the mast with a sail, and while driving in gliding mode and inclination to combine my own boards from board to board. The thing is that standing on a board and sail for holding a stick called vang, arrange sail on the wind in such a way that sails appeared on the strength of traction. The force, acting on the sail, the board is transmitted not only through reliance mast, but also through the feet of a surfer, resulting in a design movement. Management board sailing at the rate being offset sail forward or backward along the boards.

Athletes on the board - windsurfers - can slide on the smooth water of arbitrarily long if there is wind. They can also cut big waves until caving, and make jumps. Windsurfing - multifaceted sport: depending on the affiliation rights, one he can give slowly slipping on the water, combined with recreational in nature; for others can be explosive adrenaline sports. As is typical for modern windsurfing, it often becomes a lifestyle as a means of infinite improvement and self-expression rights.
If you want to start surfing, the thing is to pick the right board. Don't hesitate to read how to choose a surfboard for beginners articles.

Windsurfing is usually already possible under any force wind, different from zero, skiing can be divided into two main types - in gliding mode and displacement. In displacement mode board supported afloat by Archimedes force, and in gliding through the lift force to tire the flow. Gliding mode more difficult to master and to withdraw freeride board at gliding usually required quite a strong wind while the modern "formula" could glide already with the weaker wind.

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