lundi 18 août 2008

Choosing Soccer Gear

Leather is yesterday!

Some manufacturers engaged in the production of balls, long ago renounced the leather. And did not withstood competition from synthetics. All current model balls like Mitre, Select, Derbystar, Adidas and Nike are made of textile leather. In an age of widespread implentetion of new technologies, it was difficult to expect that retain the traditional conservative football equipment and gear. But this is not a tribute to fashion. I think balls of polymers surpass leather on all indicators. There are several objective characteristics, which can distinguish good ball from bad one and a very good - from the middle good. Primarily, of course, its strength. Not at the last spot is the ability to push off the moisture and keep the form - always remain round. Experts argue that the leather ball after first falling into the water and drying is deformed. If using scientific terminology, it will sound like: skin does not have the parameters of recovery form. This could in due course, make sure each of us. Dried after the game on the rain after the ball seemingly precise passing game could fly or jump of land at the mysterious trajectory. How many times that he put to a standstill and partners and rivals.

How to select soccer gear ...

Choosing the ball, first of all check how well the ball is inflated. Properly inflated ball released from a man tall height should jump half of the released height. An easier way: Lift the ball at head level and release. Good inflated ball will reach your belt. Then check the nipple. You can do this as follows: saliva put a finger on the nipple and make sure there is no bubbles. Make sure to check how the ball straight. This requires throw the banana ball vertically upwards (with its turning around the axis). Look whether he pulled in flight from side to side. If so, the ball is curve. Choosing the ball do not hurry. Check five to ten balls, it will allow you to verify the accuracy of the choice. A new type of soccer balls is composite soccer balls .

To serve longer

The ball served a longer time, if you follow simple rules, which, it turned out, few respects. In the first step would be to closely monitor the pressure: it must be from 0.7 to 1.00 atmosphere. Training balls pumped in the range of 0.6 to 0.7 atmosphere. And after the game should be lower than the ball to ease tension at the seams and panels. They should go and, accordingly, to restore the form. If they all keep time in voltage, they lose elasticity, pull in SELinux. The ball, which is constantly floated, wear out more quickly. Unfortunately, that many do not even think in professional clubs. When the ball is under low temperatures its need to make frost on the dry, and after the game and thoroughly wipe put sushi in a warm place. On its surface pores and is microdamages that appear after the strikes. If the ball put frost moist, microdamages accumulated in the water turns into ice, expanding, growing rift, and is in the process of destruction covering.

How to select soccer equipment

The ball of bad quality can cost less than the retail 20-25 dollars. And do not skimp on it and spend 40-45 dollars. Only no need to buy cheap "smuggling from Pakistan." In India and Pakistan now produces 95 percent of all balls manufactured in the world. Cheap forgery sew by hand almost every Pakistani village, which brought Fur graft. Qualitative same balls produce ibid., but in factories where working class masters. Working by hand, one can master the day, at best, sew two expensive ball. Factories also take orders only from the party at 20000 and more balls. As already is cheap and qualitative smuggling! Someone will think: instead of buying several pairs of good balls on 8-9 dollars each. But such people should think hard, because such a ball in the best case is suitable for children to play. Anyone who wants to receive pleasure from the game, should prefer balls at least 20 dollars.

Match balls - not to play in the yard

Professional and match balls (as, indeed, and all others except rubber) are intended solely for the game at the grassy lawn. In addition to the strength of Water-resistant and control they should be more clearly visible to players and cameras, so they have a special coating. On the field its hard abrasive quickly, and the ball loses its features. Keep in mind that even at a good coverage of the ball quickly loses attractive appearance. So what's the play on the ground? Ball is not suitable for the game on asphalt. There simply will not do. Representatives of manufacturers companies reasonably ask "Why play on asphalt? Who plays on the pavement?" We have played if there's nowhere. But in this case do not need balls to require some supernatural strength. No ball games on asphalt not endure.

There are some unnamed models, which are sold in underground crossings at a price of $ 5 per piece. Among them could get the ball - attraction, who will live and year, and two. But this miracle, repeat with another ball which is unlikely to succeed. By the way, we still love to play football in the frost. We are probably the only country in the world where chasing the ball at below 50 degrees. But it must be remembered that no firm does not produce balls, specifically at such low temperatures.

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