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Digital IXUS 700 - Canon PowerShot SD500

Canon Digital IXUS 700 Review

Digital IXUS 700 (Canon PowerShot SD500) - a new digital camera with 7.1 million pixels. Digital IXUS 700 with a range of new features, unique rounded silhouette and brilliant colors corps "titanium grey" stainless steel continues to traditional IXUS trend extending the application of compact cameras.

Camera-administered processor DIGIC II image processing architecture, similar to professional digital SLR cameras Canon EOS-1 series, differs following advantages: 3.0 - fold optical zoom, large 2.0 - inch LCD screen, feature high-quality video shooting in VGA format at a speed of 30 frames per second (duration is limited only shooting capacity memory card) ¹, high-speed USB 2.0 High Speed, built-in color camera editing function "My Colour", as well as button Print / Share for direct printing on printers that are compatible with the standard PictBridge, and fast uploading files into the computer. The sensor with 7.1 million pixels allows for an increase in photographic format to A3 with a high level of detail.

New design

While retaining the original idea inscribed circle proposed the first model IXUS designer Yasushi Shiotani, model Digital IXUS 700 departs from the usual rectangular silhouette IXUS. Housing with a brilliant finish and a tracing perfectly clear in the arm rests, and rounded contours emphasize compact camera design, which reduced the weight by 8% over the previous flagship series Digital IXUS 500.

QuickBright function increases at certain times of high brightness 2.0 - inch LCD monitor to the maximum in order to improve visibility when shooting outdoors. When weak illumination composite frame building easier through features "Night Display" (night mode), which improves visibility in the LCD monitor. Installation Disk regimes replaced the mode switch installed on previous models.

The splendid performance

Processor DIGIC II, unsurpassed dignity in the transmission of images which are recognized by professional photographers and well-known agencies such as Getty Images, provides the best image quality through improved transmission shades of color and white balance accuracy.

DIGIC II processor provides instant camera for the launch of 0.8, continuous shooting at 2.0 frames per second up to fill the memory card interface and support for the new USB 2.0 High Speed for fast downloads. In addition, this powerful processor allows the new high-speed imaging function, the function of transition in a few images when viewed in the chamber (with the possibility of searching), quick turnaround and high speed image recording on the memory card. The speed autofocus compared with the previous model increased by 55% through the introduction of DIGIC II processor and install a modified compact zoom lens 37 - 111 mm ² with the new system back focusing.

Opportunities shooting

The function of "Hold" (hold) allows arbitrarily long display on the monitor once again captured frame, and then remove it without prior switch to the playback. Reconsideration pressing shutter button instantly returns the camera in shooting mode. The new menu "My Colours" ( "My color") provides an opportunity to choose a color palette, with photo and video. There are nine well-developed editing functions of flowers, including the feature "Colour Accent" (emphasis colors), converts to monochrome image all but one color stains. Other features menu "My Colours" makes a living color selected to replace one color or another - is useful not only for entertainment but also in practice, for example, for design work or when planning interiors. You can keep both copies of images - the use of this effect and without it.

The model Digital IXUS 700 for maximum versatility and convenience provided in the 13 shooting modes. Among these regimes include the automatic mode, manual mode, which makes available to experienced users creative control installations such as white balance, exposure compensation and exposure shutter ranging from 15 to up to 1 / 2000 with, as well as treatment combining for shooting panoramas . Nine special shooting modes, which include "portrait", "Snow" and "beach", simplifies setup, in typical shooting conditions. A new outbreak of increased power has six modes of operation, a range of actions it reaches 4.8 metres, with automatic selection of the sensitivity of ISO.

New features video

In cell Digital IXUS 700 provides a number of new opportunities video. Now, with video you can use digital zoom and record video period up to 1 minute at a speed of 60 frames per second for smooth slow viewing in the chamber. Office delayed viewing improved by five more sensitive settings, and white balance and exposure settings automatically zoom in on the fly video. In standby mode, "Compact" (contraction) can record video prepared for transfer by e-mail as an attachment, lasting until 3 minutes at a speed of 15 frames per second and resolution of 160x120.


Despite the reduction in size viewfinder, Canon engineers were able to maintain ocular made a point 16 mm, which is very important for those who wear glasses. The intellectual orientation sensor automatically turns not only the images captured in an upright position, but also makes a difference automatic white balance, autofocus and automatique, passing in the on supporting processing system iSAPS this chamber on the right location sky and foreground.

The expanded creative possibilities

Additionally purchased waterproof case allows photo and video exciting underwater at a depth of up to 40 meters. In case a flash to remove the lens effect "snow" of particles suspended in the water and double glass lens to protect it from sweating. Additionally purchased goods offset the buoyancy and prevent Ejection chamber to the surface with underwater photography. A new outbreak purchased additional high-power HF-DC1 provides interesting opportunities for shooting indoors, and for a night of shooting. Vedomosti outbreak with the lead number 18 (ISO 100, metres) automatically triggered synchronously with the camera built outbreak, regardless of prior outbreaks. Implemented setting outbreak at three levels of power based on the value of the diaphragm. The outbreak enshrines on the camera through with your bracket, which makes it possible to install the camera together with the flash on a tripod.

Printing and distribution

Camera Digital IXUS 700 is fully compatible with the standard PictBridge, which allows print pictures without loading into the computer. When connecting the camera to a compact photo processor with DIGIC II, for example, to model Canon SELPHY CP600, printing photographs "in the region" (without the fields) is just 63 seconds. Besides, it supports printing on a broad format (100 x 200 mm) in landscape orientation with automatic trim with the direct printing of images from the camera, as well as functions such as ID Photo Print (print photos for documents), printing mode "N - Up "(several personnel at sheet) and stamp fragments video clips. Button "Print / Share" allows one click upload an image to the computer, and now this feature is implemented for both operating systems - Windows and Mac.


The enclosed software program includes ZoomBrowser EX (Windows) and Image Browser (Mac) to work with images, their viewing and archiving. Among other programs - PhotoStitch and PhotoRecord, as well as picture processing program ArcSoft PhotoStudio. An drivers TWAIN (Windows 98/2000) and WIA (Windows Me). Support for PTP image transfer protocol provides a direct connection to any computer running OS Windows XP (SP1 - 2) and Mac OSx (v10.1.5 - 10.3) without installing additional drivers.

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