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PSP - MediEvil Resurrection Game review

PSP - MediEvil Resurrection

Games for the PSP - MediEvil Resurrection

MediEvil Resurrection - Knight hilarious image.
This is the third part of the famous game, which to buy up millions of copies. She tells about new adventures "fearless" Forteska knight Sir Daniel. We remind those who did not recall, Sir Dan has never been hero in his life and because of the tragic accident, as well as to address the evil villain Zaroka left this world in the first of its journey through the Kingdom Galloumir (Gallowmere). But the villain, all calculated incorrectly. Knight lost his life, and at the same time and every fear! Indeed, what is now afraid, and so if he died? And now the time has come to revenge. He still shows a true hero!

Already one hundred years have passed since the first trip Dena Sera. Angularity, lost his lower jaw (this happened back in adventures on the platform PSOne), a character is sent to a new, long and promising journey. It is now in portable entertainment platform PSP.

* Sera Den risen from the grave, and now it awaits a lot of huge, terrible and funny games in the kingdom Galloumer, changed over the century and became even more fabulous. Before you challenge: to be more than 70 mini-games.

* Crowds of terrible monsters, healthy every bag of weapons (axes, pole-axe and other club) and upgraded martial arts provornoy ivory legs Sera Dena… But at this excellent in all the new knights of the best travel does not end. The farther into the forest, so more and more countries will feel Sir Dan. After all, now he is not one - for a century of sleep in his head settled down a little genie. Split personality can not be avoided. And psychotherapists here, unfortunately, will not help.

* Humor and heroism - that's fun and cool . You have to hold a brand new exciting adventure in the universe the NBA playoffs MediEvil. To deal in all contact Voodoo witch. But lovers of white magic is better to spend time and understand the game and its history alone, this would have to read the parchment scrolls with a note of the Dena Sera.

* Maintain the regime of collective games - up to 16 players simultaneously on Wi-Fi. Time with friends will hold three exciting and dynamic mini-games.

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