mercredi 16 juillet 2008

PSP - Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories

PSP - Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories

Another soldier Vic Vance well-targeted in their lives. He went to work, which poses a clear challenge them - to fight and protect. And he fought as could, but his everyday working days came to an end. His dismissed from service, with virtually emissions into the street. And what now earn their bread? How to feed the family? Neither Law nor dentistry, nor any other profession that can bring money, not known Viku. He used to rely on their strength, weapons, and its analytical mind.

These qualities certainly not enough for an excellent career in business or politics, but good enough to survive in the dark lane. In 1984, township Weiss City had two laws: official Code and the Code "on concepts". Bandits are not regarded as with the police and fighting for certain areas, while specializing in racketeering and theft. And in their society Vic finally felt more or less comfortable: arms and muscles are now in demand. But Vic would not be himself, would have been simpler if the "six" in this bloodthirsty gang. The guy starts his "career" in criminal business. And now you'll help him in this.

Hiking here will not go! In order to earn recognition of criminals, you have to do a lot of cases, to visit hundreds of the most bizarre revenge Weiss City. All this would be extremely difficult to circumvent the foot, so the guy had to use the machine. Without public transportation, and, of course, personal. Find a brand new SUV, minivan, motorcycle or even a trailer that is easily: stop the car on the road and remove its legitimate owner.

You can get there, and air and sea! At the big roads are not always safe. The police force you to take the vise on a narrow street, and to strive to competitors and maimed you and your transport. Those who are any alternatives, choose boats and helicopters. Yes and on the water in the air and more space for maneuvering.

Your skill convince concluded in arms. Not all kings of the criminal world will agree with your actions. And their "Six" is not just try to encroach on the precious lives of Vik. However, the guy is reliable arguments in the fight: guns, machine guns, rifles and grenades.

Let us recall the young years. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories remind you unmatched romance eighties. Everything from the style of clothing, music and design of cars and finishing architecture, forced to work for the charming atmosphere.

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