mercredi 16 juillet 2008

Manhunt 2 PSP

The game Manhunt 2 are having devastating effects of secret research experiments on the station. Something happened there was not planned. The onlyone who survived - Daniel Lamb and Leo Kasper, who participated in the order of "guinea pigs". And that truth is not left out, are very mysterious organization is interested Pickman Project. And it can do so only one way. He is to kill all the remaining witnesses to the incident.
Игры для PSP - Manhunt 2
Torn soul cries heard all this gloomy corridors of hospitals, where the main character forcibly kept in detention last six years. You wake up and open our eyes and with the horror of seeing a dead body, which is wrapped in bright sheets. And then you see blooded syringe, which falls from his right hand on the floor. According to a terrible tremor runs through the body, then you and does shake from the horror begins, because you do not have the slightest notion of who you are and what you do in this disgusting place.

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